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    Eagles'' Molk used to exceeding expectations,nfl official store

PHILADELPHIA David Molk is used to being told he''s not good enough,mlb wholesale jerseys.

Ever since Molk began playing football as a 14 year old in Illinois, the 6 foot 1, 290 pound center has been trying to prove the doubters wrong even after a successful career at Michigan.

"My dad was told by a baseball coach back in the day, ''He will never be good at football,''" Molk recalled. "And that has happened every single step, every transition, every step I''ve taken in this entire game everyone has said, psh, this guy is a bum."

It''s been a seamless transition into the starting lineup for Molk despite not getting onto the field for nearly two years until a hernia sidelined Jason Kelce. He explained it was "like riding a bike, you pick it up fast" though he admitted sometimes practice can''t fully simulate what he sees in a game. Molk couldn''t pinpoint one area that has been the toughest to adjust to in going from a backup to a starter instead focusing on the unexpected chance as a way to continue to learn.

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"Sometimes you forget about it because it''s such minute things you end up reading on the run, but once you''re in it, once you''re going again, it all comes back," Molk said.

Since getting the start in Week 4, Molk has helped bring together an offensive line that has been constantly changing because of injuries this season. In the three games Molk has started,nfl jerseys wholesale free shipping, the Eagles are averaging 123.3 rushing yards per game.

"The biggest thing is just the continuity is always an issue," coach Chip Kelly said. "If it''s a new guy next to you, how in tune are you to each other''s calls and making sure that you''re making the right decisions. How many times have you gotten reps at it in practice? But for those guys, I think it''s really a credit to them that they''ve been able to do, on a consistent basis I really think, a pretty good job up front."

The Cardinals'' defensive front will challenge an Eagles offensive line that has allowed only three sacks in their last five games. Communication will be especially important,wholesale mlb jerseys china, Molk said.

"They put you in a position where you confuse yourself," Molk said. "They want you to see ghosts. They want you to pull yourself in a different direction when you know that you have to stick to what you''re trying to get to. Really all it takes for us is a little better film study and a better understanding of how they''re running things."

Offensive tackle Lane Johnson described Molk, a seventh round draft pick by the San Diego Chargers in 2012, as one of the strongest guys on the team and credited his athleticism for helping him thrive.

"He''s a smart player, has played big games in college," Johnson said. "He has a good work ethic. He does a good job on the field as far as communicating."

Good communication ideally is built over time. With no animosity among the offensive lineman "We all like each other, we''re all friends," Molk said everyone works together to make sure they are on the same page, which starts in the preseason.

Molk is well aware of what will happen when Kelce is healthy enough to return to the starting lineup, which could happen as soon as next week, but is savoring the opportunity.

"It''s his team, and I''m just buying my time," Molk said with a smile. "When he''s healthy, he''s back and I''m back to playing my backup role.". 相关的主题文章:


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    Trainers use strict guidelines to tackle safety issues

HENDERSON, Ky. ? It was a year ago that high school football player Ryan Owens collapsed and died after football practice here, a death later blamed on a heart defect exacerbated by the heat.

It underscored the risks of a gridiron sport known for generating community pride and spurred some changes in how players are protected during practice, not only in Henderson but also in Evansville. practice in 85 degree weather ? three tents provide shade from the sun while a pair of misting fans have been installed to spray players with water.

Players get 10 minute water ((or Gatorade) breaks every 30 minutes regardless of the heat index, and practice shifts indoors if the heat index hits 104, says athletic trainer Tim Barron.

Players are now allowed to remove their helmets when they''re not participating in a drill,cheap andrei markov jerseys supply.

Barron says there''s also a weigh in during morning and afternoon drills. If there''s too much of a disparity ((around 3 percent), a player can be held out of practice ? which encourages players to replenish lost water weight.

"I tell them it''s their responsibility to replace the weight by eating and drinking the right kind of liquids ((between practices)," says Barron, a physical therapy assistant with a local hospital who doubles as Henderson High''s athletic trainer.

"We ((Henderson school officials) have gone above and beyond what the state recommends," he adds. "The new coach ((Clay Clevenger) seems fine with all the guidelines."

The state guidelines, for instance, don''t make the breaks mandatory until the heat index is 95.

Not only does Barron''s bag contain the usual tape,cheap fc proto jerseys from china, wrap and braces to treat sprains and other injuries, but he carries a device that automatically calculates the heat index based on the outside temperature and humidity.

"Heat is by far the scariest thing you deal with," says Barron. "Someone could come to practice healthy and it could still put them down."

He watches for players who seem fatigued, kneel a lot, hold their head down or complain of headache or dizziness.

"We can''t afford the things the NFL has, where they hook shoulder pads up to air conditioning units or have a guy swallow a pill at the start of practice. They can then hold a little device up to him and it''ll give the guy''s core body temperature."

Barb Caton ? who in 1979 at Evansville North became Indiana''s first high school female athletic trainer ? is one of two in house athletic trainers at Evansville schools ((the other is Central). She teaches health and physical education at North in addition to being athletic trainer for the school''s numerous boys and girls teams. Five other Evansville schools contract with Pro Rehab for athletic trainers. high school football last year and 12 other "indirect" fatalities; eight involved the heart, three involved heat stroke and one was unknown.

Meanwhile, a study published in the current issue of the American Journal of Sports Medicine estimates there were 517,726 football related injuries during the 2005 2006 season at the high school level across the United States. That amounted to 4.6 injuries per 1,cheap club de futbol america jerseys for sale,000 "exposures" to practice or competition.

The report said while college players are twice as likely to injure themselves as high school students, season ending injuries were more common among high school athletes.

"I try to teach kids to drink plenty of fluids and not to come to practice on an empty stomach," says Caton. "Cars can''t go anywhere without gas and you have to hydrate ahead of time. I can''t make the team take off their helmets and shoulder pads, but I can pass it along ((make recommendations to the coaching staff)."

She says an athletic trainer has to watch "for everything ? the neck,cheap basketball uniforms, concussions,wholesale Tony Parker Jerseys, the knees, the ankles."

A particular concern is the neck.

She urges young players to keep their "head up" when tackling, noting you should never lower your head or hit with your head. Some youngsters arrive in high school "with a bad habit" of lowering their head, and bad habits are hard to break, she adds. It can be downloaded.

Caton shows up armed with snack food she''s personally purchased as well as devices to measure the heat index or to track bad weather and lightning.

Michelle Joyce, head athletic trainer at Reitz the past four years, is a physical therapy assistant and certified athletic trainer employed by Pro Rehab.

She notes a growing number of schools are contracting for athletic trainers and many of the guidelines she follows mirror Henderson County''s.

Sometimes players try to tough it out, she says, as if the pain of missing a game would be more unbearable than an injury. But she encourages them to come to her if they''re fatigued and for other players to let her know if a teammate is having problems. 相关的主题文章:


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    Instead, Buffalo offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild called a pass that was intercepted,cheap 76ers t-shirt, ending the team''s chance for a secure lead and it wasn''t even a decent gamble because the Bills'' ultrashort passes to that point were netting 4



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